What is VideoFloppy.com?

VideoFloppy.com is a video sharing service. It allows you to embed videos through links of videos from video streaming services accross the internet.

How can I benefit from this website?

There are two main reasons why you should choose us: 1) you want more auditory 2) you do not have the money and time to create your own website.

Should I pay money to use VideoFloppy?

You can freely use our website without any cost.

Do you have any paid services?

Yet we do not have implemented any paid service. In future we will offer some like VIP user, lifting videos higher in search list etc.

Which video streaming websites do you support?

List of currently supported video streaming websites:

What are user limits?

  • Videos added per hour: 100
  • Maximum videos per user: 2000
  • Maximum albums per user: 10
  • Maximum users you can be subscriber of: 500


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